UNIDO is a shortcut for 'United Nations Industrial Development Organization'.

In the maritime context, UNIDO works to promote sustainable industrial development through partnerships and initiatives that promote cleaner production and resource efficiency, as well as the development of eco-industrial parks and clusters. Some examples of UNIDO's work in the maritime sector include:

  • Promoting sustainable ship recycling practices in South Asia through capacity building programs and support for the development of sustainable ship recycling facilities.
  • Supporting the development of the blue economy in small island developing states through initiatives that promote sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, marine renewable energy, and coastal tourism.
  • Supporting the development of sustainable industrial parks and clusters in coastal areas, with a focus on promoting resource efficiency and circular economy principles.
  • Promoting the adoption of clean technologies in the maritime sector, such as renewable energy systems for ships and cleaner production methods for marine industries.

UNIDO also works to promote the development of sustainable industries more broadly, with a focus on improving energy efficiency, promoting renewable energy, and reducing industrial pollution.

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