English: Commission / Deutsch: Kommission / Español: Comisión / Português: Comissão / Français: Commission / Italiano: Commissione /

Commission means to formally place (a naval vessel) into active service, after which the vessel is said to be in commission. Sometimes used less formally to mean placing a commercial ship into service.

In the maritime context, "commission" refers to the process of testing and preparing a ship for its intended use after it has been built or renovated.

Examples of activities included in the commissioning process for a ship include:

  1. Testing and calibration of all onboard systems and equipment, such as propulsion systems, navigation systems, and safety equipment
  2. Inspection and certification by relevant authorities, such as the classification society and port state control
  3. Crew training and familiarization with the ship's systems and equipment
  4. Loading of stores and supplies
  5. Sea trials, which are tests of the ship's performance and maneuverability

The commissioning process is an important step in ensuring that a ship is fully operational and ready to safely carry out its intended use. It is also an opportunity to identify and address any issues or potential problems before the ship enters commercial service.

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