ETA is a shortcut for 'European Tugowners' Association' and for "Estimated Time of Arrival"

'ETA'  refers to the estimated time at which a vessel is expected to arrive at its destination port.

Examples of the use of ETA in the maritime context include:

  • A shipping company may provide an ETA for a vessel's arrival to a customer who has ordered goods to be transported on that vessel.
  • The captain of a vessel may communicate the ETA to the port authorities in order to request a berth for the vessel upon arrival.
  • The port authorities may use the ETA to plan and coordinate the handling of the vessel and its cargo upon arrival.

It's worth noting that the ETA is an estimate and is subject to change due to various factors such as weather conditions, port congestion, and mechanical issues. In such cases, the ETA may be updated to reflect the revised expected arrival time.

In addition to ETA, other related terms in the maritime context include:

  • ETD: Estimated Time of Departure, which refers to the estimated time at which a vessel is expected to depart from its current location.
  • ATA: Actual Time of Arrival, which refers to the actual time at which a vessel arrives at its destination port.
  • ATD: Actual Time of Departure, which refers to the actual time at which a vessel departs from its current location.


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