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The Maritime Glossary. Letter E +++ Popular Articles: 'Environment', 'Efficiency', 'Earth'

e-NAV is a shortcut for --->'Enhanced Marine Navigation (IALA)'.

Deutsch: Erde / Español: Tierra / Português: Terra / Français: Terre / Italiano: Terra /

In the maritime context, "earth" generally refers to the grounding of a ship or vessel on the seafloor or shoreline.

English: EBA
German: EBA is a shortcut for --->'Enterprise Bargaining Agreement'.

English: Electronic Chart Display and Information System
German: English: Electronic Chart Display and Information System
German: ECDIS is a shortcut for --->'Electronic Chart Display and Information System'.

ECOR is a shortcut for --->'Engineering Committee on Oceanic Resources'.

ECPP is a shortcut for --->'Environmental Crime Prevention Programme'.

English: EDI
German: EDI is a shortcut for --->'Electronic Data Interchange'.

English: EDP
German: EDP is a shortcut for --->'Electronic Data Processing'.

EEBDs is a shortcut for --->'Emergency Escape Breathing Devices'.

English: EEC (disambiguation)
German: EEC is a shortcut for --->'European Economic Community'.

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