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The Maritime Glossary. Letter J +++ Popular Articles: 'Joint Stock Company', 'JSC', 'JAS-ANZ'
JAS-ANZ is a shortcut for --->'Joint Accreditation System of New Zealand and Australia'.

English: JC
German: JC is a shortcut for --->'Joint Committee'.

English: Jiu
German: JIU is a shortcut for --->'Joint Inspection Unit'.

Deutsch: Aktiengesellschaft / Español: Sociedad Anónima / Português: Sociedade Anônima / Français: Société par actions / Italiano: Società per Azioni /

In the maritime context, a joint stock company refers to a type of business entity formed by a group of investors who contribute capital to collectively operate maritime ventures. These ventures could include shipbuilding, shipping operations, or maritime trade. By pooling their resources, investors spread both the risks and rewards associated with maritime endeavors. Joint stock companies played a significant role in the expansion of maritime trade during the age of exploration and continue to be important in modern maritime commerce. They enable investors to participate in the maritime industry without bearing the full financial burden individually, facilitating the development and growth of maritime enterprises.

Deutsch: Jones-Gesetz / Español: Ley Jones / Português: Lei Jones / Français: Loi Jones / Italian: Legge Jones

Jones Act refers to a United States federal statute that regulates maritime commerce in U.S. waters and between U.S. ports. In the maritime context, it primarily mandates that goods transported by water between U.S. ports must be carried on ships that are built, owned, and operated by United States citizens or permanent residents.

Deutsch: Reise / Español: Viaje / Português: Jornada / Français: Voyage / Italiano: Viaggio

Journey in the maritime context refers to the voyage or trip undertaken by a ship or vessel from one port to another. This term encompasses all activities and operations involved in the movement of the ship over water, including navigation, cargo handling, and the safe passage of passengers and crew.

JRCC is a shortcut for --->'Joint (aeronautical and maritime) Rescue Co-ordination Centre '.

JSCOT is a shortcut for --->'Joint Standing Committee on Treaties'.

Deutsch: Gerichtliche Überprüfung / Español: Revisión judicial / Português: Revisão judicial / Français: Contrôle judiciaire / Italian: Revisione giudiziaria

Judicial Review in the maritime context refers to the process by which courts examine the actions and decisions of maritime authorities, regulatory bodies, and other entities to ensure they comply with the law. This legal mechanism allows for the oversight of administrative decisions and ensures that maritime regulations and actions are lawful, reasonable, and just.

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