Glossary. I

The Maritime Glossary. Letter I +++ Popular Articles: 'Impact', 'International', 'Inspection'
English: IAC
German: IAC is a shortcut for 'Industry Assistance Commission'.
English: Electrical conductivity
German: IACS is a shortcut for 'International Association of Classification Societies'.
IADC is a shortcut for 'International Association of Drilling Contractors'.
English: International Atomic Energy Agency
German: IAEA is a shortcut for 'International Atomic Energy AgencyIAIN International Association of Institutes of Navigation'.
English: IALA
German: IALA is a shortcut for 'International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities'.
IAMSAR is a shortcut for 'International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual'.
IAPH is a shortcut for 'International Association of Ports and Harbours'.
IAR is a shortcut for 'Improvement Action Report'.
English: IBA
German: IBA is a shortcut for 'International Bar Association'.
IBC Code is a shortcut for 'International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ship s Carrying Dangerous Chemical in Bulk'.

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