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English: LAC
German: LAC is a shortcut for --->'Livestock Advisory Committee'.

Deutsch: Binnensee / Español: Lago / Português: Lago / Français: Lac / Italiano: Lago

Lake in the maritime context refers to a large body of water surrounded by land, typically freshwater, which is distinct from oceans and seas. Lakes can be natural or artificial, and they play significant roles in maritime navigation, ecosystems, and human activities.

English: Loop-mediated isothermal AMPlification
German: LAMP is a shortcut for --->'Low-level Airspace Management Plan


Deutsch: Landschaft / Español: paisaje / Português: paisagem / Français: paysage / Italiano: paesaggio

Landscape in the maritime context refers to the visible features and characteristics of an area as seen from the sea. This includes natural formations such as coastlines, cliffs, mountains, and islands, as well as man-made structures like ports, lighthouses, and seaside towns.

LAP is a shortcut for --->'Legal Advisory Panel (IALA)'.

English: Lasa
German: LASA is a shortcut for --->'Latin American Shipowners' Association (ALAMAR) Association Latino Americana de Armadores'.

English: LC
German: LC is a shortcut for --->'Convention one the Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter, 1972 (London Dumping Convention'.

LC/SG is a shortcut for --->'Scientific Group on the London Dumping Convention'. They are also referenced as SG-LDC.

English: LCG
German: LCG is a shortcut for --->'Longitudinal Centre of Gravity'.