UPU is a shortcut for 'Universal Postal Union' and is a specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates postal policies and services between member countries. While UPU is primarily focused on postal services, it also has an important role to play in the maritime industry, particularly in relation to the transportation of mail by sea.

Examples of specific UPU activities in the maritime industry include:

  • Development of international standards for the transportation of mail by sea, including guidelines for packaging, labeling, and handling of mail
  • Establishment of procedures for the exchange of mail between member countries, including the use of air, sea, and land transportation modes
  • Coordination of mail transport services between member countries, including the negotiation of postal agreements and contracts with shipping lines and other transport providers
  • Provision of technical assistance and training to member countries on issues related to the transportation of mail by sea
  • Monitoring and reporting on developments and trends in the global mail transport market, and making recommendations for policy and regulatory changes as needed

The UPU's work in the maritime industry is closely linked to its broader mission of promoting the efficient, reliable, and affordable delivery of postal services around the world. The UPU also plays an important role in promoting sustainable development and reducing the environmental impact of postal and mail transport activities, including those related to the maritime industry.


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