Glossary. B

The Maritime Glossary. Letter B +++ 'Boat', 'BRZ', 'Bridge'
English: Ban
German: BAN is a shortcut for 'Basel Action Network'.
BAOAC is a shortcut for 'Bonn Agreement Oil Appearance Code'.
BAREP is a shortcut for 'Baltic Sea Position Reporting System'.
English: Bas
German: English: Bas
German: BAS is a shortcut for 'Basic Air Services'.
BC Code is a shortcut for 'Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes'.
BCAG is a shortcut for 'Bulk Cargoes Advisory Group'.

English: BCH
German: BCH is a shortcut for 'Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ship s Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk'.

English: BCS
German: BCS is a shortcut for 'Business Classification Scheme'.
English: Baltic and International Maritime Council
German: BIMCO is a shortcut for 'The Baltic and International Maritime Council'.
BIPAR is a shortcut for 'International Association of Producers of Insurance and Reinsurance'.

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