Glossary. B

The Maritime Glossary. Letter B +++ Popular Articles: 'Bridge', 'Board', 'Ballast'

Deutsch: Ballast / Español: Lastre / Português: Lastro / Français: Lest / Italiano: Zavorra

Ballast in the maritime context refers to the material used to stabilize ships in the water. Typically, ballast takes the form of water, which is taken into tanks specifically designed for this purpose. The proper management of ballast is critical for safe and efficient ship operation.

Deutsch: Baltikum / Español: Báltico / Português: Báltico / Français: Baltique / Italiano: Baltico

Baltic in the maritime context refers to the Baltic Sea, a significant body of water in Northern Europe, and its surrounding regions, including the countries that border this sea. The term encompasses various aspects such as maritime trade, environmental concerns, and geopolitical significance in this area.

English: Ban
German: BAN is a shortcut for --->'Basel Action Network'.

Deutsch: Sandbank / Español: Banco / Português: Banco / Français: Banc / Italiano: Banco

Bank in the maritime context refers to an elevated area on the sea floor, typically composed of sand, mud, gravel, or rock, that is higher than the surrounding seabed. These underwater features can significantly impact navigation, marine life, and coastal processes.

BAOAC is a shortcut for --->'Bonn Agreement Oil Appearance Code'.

BAREP is a shortcut for --->'Baltic Sea Position Reporting System'.

English: Bas
German: English: Bas
German: BAS is a shortcut for --->'Basic Air Services'.

BC Code is a shortcut for --->'Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes'.

BCAG is a shortcut for --->'Bulk Cargoes Advisory Group'.

BCH is a shortcut for 'Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ship s Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk'.

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