In the nautical context, a bridge is a room or platform on a ship where the captain and other officers control the vessel. The bridge is typically located at the front or the middle of the ship and is where the ship's course and speed are monitored and adjusted. The bridge is equipped with various navigational instruments, such as radar, sonar, and GPS, as well as communication equipment to stay in touch with other vessels and shore-based authorities.

On larger ships, the bridge is usually a dedicated room with large windows for visibility, while on smaller vessels, it may be an open deck space with an enclosed control station. The bridge is where the ship's helm is located, which is the steering mechanism used to change the ship's direction. The helm is typically controlled by a steering wheel or a joystick, and the captain or other designated officer is responsible for steering the ship and ensuring safe navigation.

The bridge is a critical area of the ship, and strict protocols and procedures are in place to ensure safe navigation and communication between the officers on the bridge and other crew members. The bridge is also where emergency procedures are carried out in case of a collision, grounding, or other incident.

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