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English: GA
German: GA is a shortcut for --->'Geoscience Australia'.

Deutsch: Galapagos-Inseln / Español: Islas Galápagos / Português: Ilhas Galápagos / Français: Îles Galápagos / Italian: Isole Galápagos

Galapagos in the maritime context refers to the Galapagos Islands, a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. They are renowned for their unique and diverse marine ecosystem. The islands are part of Ecuador and are situated about 1,000 km (620 miles) off its coast.

Deutsch: Müll / Español: Basura / Português: Lixo / Français: Déchets / Italiano: Spazzatura

Garbage in the maritime context refers to any kind of waste material generated on ships, including food waste, plastic, paper, metal, glass, and other debris. This waste can come from daily operations, maintenance, cargo operations, and the activities of passengers and crew. Garbage management on ships is crucial to prevent marine pollution and to comply with international regulations.

Deutsch: Gas / Español: Gas / Português: Gás / Français: Gaz / Italiano: Gas

Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and plasma). A pure gas may be made up of individual atoms (e.g. a noble gas or atomic gas like neon), elemental molecules made from one type of atom (e.g. oxygen), or compound molecules made from a variety of atoms (e.g. carbon dioxide).

English: GBE (disambiguation)
German: GBE is a shortcut for --->'Government Business Enterprise'.

English: GBR
German: GBR is a shortcut for --->'Great Barrier Reef'.

GBRMP is a shortcut for --->'Great Barrier Reef Marine Park'.

GBRMPA is a shortcut for --->'Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority'.

English: GBS
German: GBS is a shortcut for --->'Global-Based New Ship Construction Standards'.
English: GC
German: English: GC
German: GC is a shortcut for --->'Code Code for the Construction and equipment of Ship s Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk'.

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