Glossary. N

The Maritime Glossary. Letter N +++ 'Navy', 'NSW waterways', 'Not Under Command'

A Navy is a fleet of waterborne military vessels. It is a part of the armed forces of a nation.

It includes anything

  • on surface (battle ship s, carriers, cruisers, destroyers),
  • below surface (submarines)
  • amphibious ships,
  • and seaborne aviation.
  • Also included is the support, communications, training, investigation

A Vessel  is "Not Under Command" (NUC) when it is unable to maneuver as required. The vessel cannot physically comply with the Rules for ordinary vessels, and so they are granted special privileges.

The NSW waterways (New South Wales Waterways) was replaced in 2004 by NSW Maritime and this was again replaced and merged in 2011 with  "Roads and Traffic Authority" to form "Roads and Maritime Services".