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The Maritime Glossary. Letter N +++ Popular Articles: 'NGO', 'NOCR', 'New Zealand'
English: NAA
German: NAA is a shortcut for 'National Archives of Australia'.
English: Nas (disambiguation)
German: NAS is a shortcut for 'National Airspace System'.
NATPLAN is a shortcut for 'National Plan to Combat Pollution of the Sea by Oil and other Noxious and Hazardous Substances'.
NATSAR Council is a shortcut for 'Australian National Search and Rescue Council'.
English: NAV
German: NAV is a shortcut for 'Sub-committee on Safety of Navigation'.
NAVAREA is a shortcut for 'Short title of an area in the world-wide navigational service'.
NAVAREA X is a shortcut for 'The tenth area in the world-wide navigational service for which Australia is responsible'.

English: Navy / Deutsch: Marine / Español: Armada / Português: Marinha / Français: Marine / Italiano: Marina /

A Navy is a fleet of waterborne military vessels. It is a part of the armed forces of a nation.

It includes anything

NBCG is a shortcut for 'National Bulk Commodities Group'.
NBDP is a shortcut for 'Narrow Band Direct Printing (Radio Telex)'.

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