PADS is an abbreviation that can stand for several different things in the maritime context. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Portable Aids to Navigation: Portable Aids to Navigation (PADS) are portable, battery-powered devices that are used to mark navigational hazards or other important locations on waterways. PADS are typically used in situations where it is not practical or cost-effective to install a permanent navigation aid, such as in shallow waters or in areas with rapidly changing conditions.

  2. Pilot Arrival and Departure System: A Pilot Arrival and Departure System (PADS) is a system that is used to coordinate the arrival and departure of pilots at a port. PADS typically include a dispatch center and a network of communication and tracking equipment that is used to manage the movement of pilots in and out of the port.

  3. Personal Alert and Distress System: A Personal Alert and Distress System (PADS) is a device that is worn by an individual and that is designed to send an alert in the event of an emergency. PADS are commonly used in the maritime industry to help ensure the safety of workers on ships and offshore platforms.

  4. Port Authority Data System: A Port Authority Data System (PADS) is a system that is used by a port authority to manage data and information related to the operation of a port. PADS may include data on shipping movements, cargo handling, and other aspects of port operations.

  5. Platform Attitude Determination System: A Platform Attitude Determination System (PADS) is a system that is used to measure the attitude, or orientation, of a platform, such as a ship or offshore structure. PADS may include sensors and other equipment that are used to measure the roll, pitch, and yaw of the platform.

  6. PADS is a shortcut for 'Precision Aerial Delivery System'.


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