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The Maritime Glossary. Letter Q +++ Popular Articles: 'QC', 'QAL', 'QAC'
English: QA
German: QA is a shortcut for --->'Quality Assurance'.

English: QAC
German: QAC is a shortcut for --->'Quality Assurance Committee'.

QAL is a shortcut for --->'Queensland Alumina Limited'.

QAS is a shortcut for --->'Quality Society of Australia'.

English: QC (disambiguation)
German: QC is a shortcut for --->'Quality Control'.

English: QMS
German: QMS is a shortcut for --->'Quality Management System'.

QSCS is a shortcut for --->'Quality Systems Certification Scheme'.

Deutsch: Qualitätssicherung / Español: Aseguramiento de calidad / Português: Garantia de qualidade / Français: Assurance qualité / Italian: Garanzia della qualità

Quality Assurance refers to the systematic process of ensuring that products, services, and operations in the maritime industry meet established standards and specifications. In the maritime context, it involves rigorous checks, audits, and adherence to best practices to maintain safety, reliability, and efficiency in maritime operations and services.

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