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English: Research and development
German: R&D is a shortcut for --->'Research and Development'.

English: RAC
German: RAC is a shortcut for --->'Regional Activity Centre'.

RACON is a shortcut for --->'Radar Transponder Beacon'.

Deutsch: Radar / Español: radar / Português: radar / Français: radar / Italian: radar

Radar in the maritime context refers to a system that uses radio waves to detect and locate objects, such as other ships, landmasses, and navigational hazards. It is an essential tool for navigation and safety at sea, providing real-time information about the surroundings even in poor visibility conditions like fog, darkness, or heavy rain.

Deutsch: Strahlung / Español: Radiación / Português: Radiação / Français: Rayonnement / Italiano: Radiazione

Radiation in the maritime context refers to the emission and propagation of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium. It includes a range of phenomena such as electromagnetic waves (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays) and particle radiation (alpha, beta, and neutron radiation). In maritime settings, radiation is a critical factor due to its implications for communication, navigation, safety, and environmental protection.

Deutsch: Funk / Español: Radio / Português: Rádio / Français: Radio / Italiano: Radio

Radio in the maritime context refers to the use of radio waves for communication between ships, aircraft, shore stations, and other maritime entities. This communication is essential for safety, navigation, and operational efficiency at sea. Maritime radio systems are governed by international regulations and are a critical component of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

Radiobeacon is a shortcut for --->'Maritime Radionavigation'.

English: Ran
German: English: Ran
German: RAN is a shortcut for --->'Royal Australian Navy'.

RANP is a shortcut for --->'Regional Air Navigation Plan'.

Deutsch: Rate / Español: Tasa / Português: Taxa / Français: Taux / Italiano: Tasso

Rate in the maritime context typically refers to the charges, fees, or prices associated with the transportation of goods and passengers by sea. These rates can encompass various aspects such as freight rates, charter rates, and port dues. They are essential for determining the cost structure in maritime logistics and play a crucial role in international trade and shipping economics.