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The Maritime Glossary. Letter R +++ 'Remission', 'RCC', 'Rating'

English: Credit rating
German: --->Rating

English: RCC
RCC is a shortcut for

  • 'Rescue Co-ordination Centre'.
  • 'Aust Rescue Co-ordination Centre Australia'.

Reamur is a thermatic scale introduced by French Physicist Reaumur in
early 18th century in which under a pressure of 1 degree atmosphere, the freezing point of water is at 0° and boiling point at 80 degrees.

Begriff für die Warenrücksendung. In vielen Branchen (wie zum Beispiel dem Buchhandel) gewähren viele Lieferanten dem Fachhändler ein zeitlich begrenztes Rückgaberecht auf Waren ein, die dieser bis dahin nicht absetzen konnte. Remissionsrechte helfen dem Fachhändler, sein Lagerrisiko zu verringern.

Español: Equipamiento de rescate / Português: Resgate / Français: Sauvetage

A Rescue is a responsive operation that includes saving of life, or prevention of injury during a dangerous situation.

There are specialized ship s for off-shore rescues and the SAR which includes helicopters.

English: Registro Italiano Navale
RINA is a shortcut for

  • 'Royal Institution of Naval Architects'
  • 'Registro Italiano Navale Group (Italian Ship Classification Society)'.

German: Rollen / Español: balanceo
Rolling is normally the motion of a (mostly) cylinder and axially symmetric object.
Roll in the maritime context is the moving around the longitudinal axis (tilting) of a ship during heavy weather.