SWL is a shortcut for --->'Safe Working Load'.

SWL refers to the maximum weight that can be safely lifted or carried by a piece of equipment or a structure without causing damage or danger to personnel. Some examples of equipment or structures that may have a SWL include:

  • Cranes: The SWL of a crane is the maximum weight that it can safely lift and move. The SWL may vary depending on the crane's configuration, such as the length of the boom or the type of rigging used.

  • Davits: These are devices used for lowering or raising boats or other equipment. The SWL of a davit is the maximum weight that it can safely handle.

  • Bollards: These are posts or pillars used for securing ships to a dock or pier. The SWL of a bollard is the maximum load that it can safely withstand without breaking or pulling out of the ground.

  • Winches: These are devices used for hauling in or letting out ropes, cables, or chains. The SWL of a winch is the maximum weight that it can safely handle.

It is important to ensure that equipment or structures are used within their SWL limits to avoid accidents and injuries.

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