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S-VDRs is a shortcut for --->'Simplified Voyage Data Recorders'.
English: SAF
German: SAF is a shortcut for --->'Self Assessment Form'.

Deutsch: Sicherheit / Español: Seguridad / Português: Segurança / Français: Sécurité / Italiano: Sicurezza /

In the maritime context, safety refers to the measures that are taken to protect the lives, health, and property of people and vessels involved in maritime activities. This includes ensuring the safe operation of ships, protecting the environment from harm caused by shipping activities, and preventing accidents and incidents at sea.

Deutsch: Sicherheitsüberwachung / Español: Monitoreo de seguridad / Português: Monitoramento de segurança / Français: Surveillance de sécurité / Italiano: Monitoraggio della sicurezza

Safety monitoring in the maritime context refers to the continuous observation and assessment of conditions, systems, and practices on board ships and within maritime operations to ensure the safety of the vessel, crew, passengers, cargo, and the marine environment. This process involves a combination of technology, procedures, and regulations aimed at preventing accidents, managing risks, and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Deutsch: Segelboot / Español: velero / Português: veleiro / Français: voilier / Italiano: barca a vela

Sailboat in the maritime context refers to a vessel that is primarily propelled by sails. These boats harness the power of the wind to move across the water, making them an essential part of both recreational and competitive sailing.

Deutsch: Matrose / Español: Marinero / Português: Marinheiro / Français: Marinier / Italian: Marinaio

A sailor in the maritime context is an individual who works on a ship or boat, participating in the operation, navigation, and maintenance of the vessel. Sailors are essential crew members responsible for a wide range of tasks, ensuring the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.

English: Sal
German: SAL is a shortcut for --->'Shipping Australia Limited (combination of Australian Chamber of Shipping and Liner Shipping Service)'.

Deutsch: Salzwasser / Español: agua salada / Português: água salgada / Français: eau salée / Italiano: acqua salata

Saltwater in the maritime context refers to the water from seas and oceans that has a high concentration of dissolved salts, primarily sodium chloride (NaCl).

SALVAGE is a shortcut for --->'International Convention on Salvage, 1989SAMCC Saudi Arabia Mission Control Centre'.

SAMSA is a shortcut for --->'South African Maritime Safety Authority'.

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