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The Maritime Glossary. Letter W +++ Popular Articles: 'Waste', 'Water', 'Waterways'

English: Watch-System

German: Die Wache (Schiffswache) ist eine Einteilung der Besatzung auf verschiedene Wachdienste im Schichtdienst, z.B. ein Wachgänger, Brückenwache, Maschinenwache; z.B. eine Deckswache bewacht das Schiff im Hafen.

Mit Wache wird auch der entsprechende Zeitraum bezeichnet.

Es gibt Wachen für je 4 Std. (und anschließend 8 Std. frei) sowie 6 Std. (und anschließend 6 Std. frei).

WAG is a shortcut for 'Waste Management Guide'.

German: Abfall / Spanish: Residuos / Portuguese: Resíduos / French: Déchets / Italian: Rifiuti /

Waste (or wastes) are unwanted or unusable materials. Waste is any substance which is discarded after primary use, or is worthless, defective and of no use.

English: Water / Deutsch: Wasser / Español: Agua / Português: Água / Français: Eau / Italiano: Acqua /

In the maritime context, "water" generally refers to the bodies of water that ships and boats travel on, as well as the water that is necessary for the operation of those vessels.

German: Wasserwege / Spanish: Vías navegables / Portuguese: Vias navegáveis / French: Voies navigables / Italian: Vie d'acqua /

Waterways in the maritime context refer to natural or artificial routes of navigable water that are used for transportation, trade, and various other activities related to shipping and boating. These waterways can include rivers, canals, lakes, seas, and oceans that are suitable for vessels to travel on. Waterways have been essential throughout history for facilitating trade, transportation, and communication between regions and countries, and they continue to play a vital role in the global economy today.

WCO is a shortcut for 'World Customs Organization'.
WEND is a shortcut for 'World-wide Electronic Navigational Chart Database'.
WFP is a shortcut for 'World Food Programme'.
is a shortcut for 'World Health OrganizationWIPO World Intellectual Property Organization'.

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