Glossary. Y

The Maritime Glossary. Letter Y +++ Popular Articles: 'YA', 'Yawl'
YA is a shortcut for --->'Yachting Australia'.

Deutsch: Yacht / Español: Yate / Português: Iate / Français: Yacht / Italiano: Yacht

Yacht in the maritime context refers to a recreational boat or ship that is used for pleasure cruising, racing, or sports. Yachts are often luxurious, equipped with various amenities and designed for comfort, performance, and style.

English: Yawl

Yawl means A fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel with two masts, main and mizzen, the mizzen stepped abaft the rudder post.

German: Das Yawl ist eine zweimastiges Segelschiff mit Besanmast hinter dem Rudergänger, entspricht der deutschen Jolle