DGPS is a shortcut for --->'Differential Global Positioning System'.

DGPS is a navigation system that uses GPS technology to provide more accurate positioning information for vessels in the maritime context. It works by comparing the GPS position of a vessel with the known position of a nearby DGPS reference station, which allows for corrections to be made to the vessel's GPS position.

Examples of how DGPS is used in the maritime context include:

  • Navigation and pilotage: DGPS can provide more accurate and reliable positioning information to navigators and pilots, which helps them to navigate safely through narrow channels, congested areas, and other high-risk situations.
  • Search and rescue: DGPS can be used to quickly and accurately locate vessels in distress or persons overboard, which can help to reduce response times and increase the chances of successful rescue operations.
  • Environmental monitoring: DGPS can be used to monitor vessel traffic and track the movement of vessels carrying hazardous or polluting cargoes, which helps to identify potential risks to the marine environment and mitigate their impact.

DGPS is widely used in the maritime industry as a reliable and accurate navigation aid. It has become a standard feature on many modern vessels, and is increasingly being integrated with other navigation systems, such as electronic chart displays and information systems (ECDIS) and automatic identification systems (AIS), to provide a more complete picture of vessel position and movement.

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