Glossary. H

The Maritime Glossary. Letter H +++ 'HSSC', 'HNS', 'HNS Convention'
HAZMAT is a shortcut for 'Hazardous Material'.
HEAP is a shortcut for 'Human Element Analysing Process'.
English: HELCOM
German: - HELCOM : is a shortcut for 'Helsinki Commission'.
English: HF
German: HF is a shortcut for 'High Frequency'.
HFTG is a shortcut for 'Human Factor Task Group'.
English: HGO
German: HGO is a shortcut for 'Heavy Grade Oil'.
English: HLA
German: HLA is a shortcut for 'Helicopter Landing Area'.
English: Hash-based message authentication code
German: HMAC is a shortcut for 'Hazardous Materials Advisory Council'.
English: HNS
German: HNS is a shortcut for 'Hazardous and Noxious Substances'.
HNS Convention is a shortcut for 'International Convention on Liability and Compensation for Damage in Connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea, 1996'.

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