Glossary. H

The Maritime Glossary. Letter H +++ Popular Articles: 'Hazard', 'HNS', 'HLA'

A hazard is a potential source of harm. Substances, events, or circumstances can constitute hazards when their nature would allow them, even just theoretically, to cause damage to health, life, property, or any other interest of value. The probability of that harm being realized in a specific incident, combined with the magnitude of potential harm, make up its risk, a term often used synonymously in colloquial speech.

HEAP is a shortcut for 'Human Element Analysing Process'.
English: HELCOM
German: - HELCOM : is a shortcut for 'Helsinki Commission'.
English: HF
German: HF is a shortcut for 'High Frequency'.
HFTG is a shortcut for 'Human Factor Task Group'.
English: HGO
German: HGO is a shortcut for 'Heavy Grade Oil'.
English: HLA
German: HLA is a shortcut for 'Helicopter Landing Area'.
English: Hash-based message authentication code
German: HMAC is a shortcut for 'Hazardous Materials Advisory Council'.
English: HNS
German: HNS is a shortcut for 'Hazardous and Noxious Substances'.

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