Glossary. M

The Maritime Glossary. Letter M +++ 'Marine', 'MARS', 'Maritime'
MAIB is a shortcut for 'UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch'.

As an English term, Marine covers as an adjective several aspects relating to the sea or ocean, mostly saltwater. However in the engineering context it refers to any body of water.

Maritime is is everything (companies, objects,  or activities) related to the sea, ship s and/or ports.


MARNZ is a shortcut for 'Maritime New Zealand (formerly NZ Maritime Safety Authority)'.

English: MARPOL 73/78
German: MARPOL is a shortcut for 'International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ship s 1973 as amended by 1978 Protocol'.

English: Mars (disambiguation)
German: English: Mars (disambiguation)
German: - MARS : is a shortcut for 'Maritime Mobile Access and Retrieval System'.
English: Mas
German: MAS is a shortcut for 'Marine Assistance Services'.
English: Mast
German: MAST is a shortcut for 'Marine and Safety Tasmania'.
MATS is a shortcut for 'Manual of Air Traffic Services'.

English: MCA
MCA is a shortcut for

  • 'Minerals Council of Australia'
  • 'Maritime and Coastguard Agency (UK)'.