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The Maritime Glossary. Letter M +++ Popular Articles: 'Marine', 'Maritime', 'Movement'

Deutsch: Wartung / Español: Mantenimiento / Português: Manutenção / Français: Maintenance / Italiano: Manutenzione /

Maintenance in the maritime context refers to the systematic process of ensuring that ships, vessels, and maritime infrastructure remain in optimal condition and operational readiness. It encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at preserving and extending the life of maritime assets, enhancing safety, and complying with regulatory requirements. Maintenance is an essential aspect of maritime operations, contributing to the industry's safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Deutsch: Manöver / Español: Maniobra / Português: Manobra / Français: Manoeuvre / Italian: Manovra

Maneuver in the maritime context refers to the deliberate movement or handling of a vessel to achieve a specific objective, such as docking, turning, avoiding obstacles, or changing course. These actions require precise control and coordination, often involving adjustments to the ship's speed, direction, and use of navigational aids.

Deutsch: Marine / Español: Marina / Português: Marinha / Français: Marine / Italiano: Marina /

As an English term, Marine covers as an adjective several aspects relating to the sea or ocean, mostly saltwater. However in the engineering context it refers to any body of water.

Deutsch: Seemann / Español: Marino / Português: Marinheiro / Français: Marin / Italiano: Marinaio

Mariner in the maritime context refers to an individual who operates or assists in the operation of ships and is skilled in all aspects of the craft of navigation and maritime work. Mariners play a critical role in the operation of merchant ships, naval vessels, and other types of watercraft, ensuring their efficient and safe management.

Deutsch: Maritim / Español: Marítimo / Português: Marítimo / Français: Maritime / Italiano: Marittimo /

Maritime is is everything (companies, objects, or activities) related to the sea, ship s and/or ports.

Deutsch: Seerecht / Español: Derecho Marítimo / Português: Direito Marítimo / Français: Droit Maritime / Italiano: Diritto Marittimo

Maritime Law is a distinct body of law governing maritime questions and offenses. It encompasses both domestic laws governing maritime activities, as well as private international law governing the relationships between private entities that operate vessels on the oceans.

Deutsch: Schiffsverkehrsmanagement / Español: Gestión del Tráfico Marítimo / Português: Gestão de Tráfego Marítimo / Français: Gestion du Trafic Maritime / Italian: Gestione del Traffico Marittimo

Maritime Traffic Management is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safe and efficient movement of vessels in and around ports, coastal areas, and open seas. This system involves a combination of technologies, regulations, and procedures to monitor and control maritime traffic, preventing collisions, accidents, and environmental hazards.

Deutsch: Markierung / Español: Marca / Português: Marca / Français: Marque / Italiano: Marchio

Mark in the maritime context refers to any object or structure that is used to indicate a specific location, navigate waters, or mark hazards and channels. Marks are essential for safe navigation and are used by mariners to identify positions, guide them through safe passages, and avoid dangers.

MARNZ is a shortcut for --->'Maritime New Zealand (formerly NZ Maritime Safety Authority)'.

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