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Deutsch: Tank / Español: Tanque / Português: Tanque / Français: Réservoir / Italiano: Serbatoio

Tank in the maritime context refers to a container or storage area within a vessel designed to hold liquids or gases, crucial for both operational functions and cargo transport.

Deutsch: Tanker / Español: Petrolero / Português: Navio-tanque / Français: Pétrolier / Italiano: Cisterna

Tanker in the maritime context refers to a type of ship specifically designed to transport large quantities of liquid cargo. This can include crude oil, refined petroleum products, liquefied natural gas (LNG), chemicals, and other liquid commodities.

Deutsch: Steuer / Español: Impuesto / Português: Imposto / Français: Impôt / Italian: Tassa

Tax in the maritime context refers to the various levies imposed on maritime activities, including but not limited to shipping, port operations, and the import/export of goods via sea routes. These taxes can be imposed by national governments, local authorities, or international regulatory bodies.

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Deutsch: Technologie / Español: Tecnología / Português: Tecnologia / Français: Technologie / Italiano: Tecnologia

Technology in the maritime context refers to the application of scientific knowledge, engineering, and innovations to improve navigation, safety, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability in the shipping and naval sectors. This encompasses a broad range of systems, equipment, and methodologies designed to enhance the performance and capabilities of ships, port operations, and maritime logistics.

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