Glossary. T

TAGS is a shortcut for 'Task and Guided Study Program'.
TAMEP is a shortcut for 'Technical Advisor Marine Environment Pollution'.

TBT is a shortcut for --->Tributyltin .

TC is a shortcut for 'Technical Co-operation CommitteeTCG Transverse Centre of Gravity'.

TDG is a shortcut for 'United Nations Transport of Dangerous Goods Sub-Committee'.

TDT is a shortcut for 'Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council'.
is a shortcut for 'Australian Telecommunication Service Provider'.

In the maritime context, the term "term" refers to various concepts and aspects related to shipping, maritime law, and operations. It can have different meanings depending on the specific context.

English: Teu (disambiguation)
German: TEU is a shortcut for 'Twenty foot equivalent unit'.
THDs is a shortcut for 'Transmitting Heading Devices'.

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