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The Maritime Glossary. Letter T +++ Popular Articles: 'Transportation', 'Traffic', 'Transport'
TAGS is a shortcut for 'Task and Guided Study Program'.
TC is a shortcut for 'Technical Co-operation CommitteeTCG Transverse Centre of Gravity'.

TDG is a shortcut for 'United Nations Transport of Dangerous Goods Sub-Committee'.

TDT is a shortcut for 'Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council'.
is a shortcut for 'Australian Telecommunication Service Provider'.

German: Begriff / Spanish: Término / Portuguese: Termo / French: Terme / Italian: Termine /

In the maritime context, the term "term" refers to various concepts and aspects related to shipping, maritime law, and operations. It can have different meanings depending on the specific context.

English: Teu (disambiguation)
German: TEU is a shortcut for 'Twenty foot equivalent unit'.
THDs is a shortcut for 'Transmitting Heading Devices'.

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