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VDRs is a shortcut for --->'Voyage Data Recorders (S-VDRs)'.
VER is a shortcut for --->'Voluntary Early Retirement'.

Deutsch: Schiff / Español: Buque / Português: Navio / Français: Navire / Italiano: Nave /

In the maritime context, a vessel refers to any type of watercraft that is used for transportation or other purposes. This includes ships of all sizes, from small boats and ferries to large cargo ships and cruise ships.

VFR is a shortcut for --->'Visual Flight Rules'.

VGE is a shortcut for --->'Voluntary Group of Experts'.

VHF is a shortcut for --->'Very High Frequency'. In the maritime context, VHF refers to "Very High Frequency" radio communication. It is one of the most commonly used communication systems in the maritime industry for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications.

Deutsch: Video / Español: Vídeo / Português: Vídeo / Français: Vidéo / Italian: Video

Video in the maritime context refers to the use of video technology for various applications on ships, boats, and other marine environments. This includes the use of cameras and recording devices for navigation, safety, security, monitoring, and communication purposes. The integration of video systems enhances operational efficiency and safety in maritime operations.

VMC is a shortcut for --->'Visual Meteorological Conditions'.

VMS is a shortcut for --->'Vessel Management System (Fisheries)'.

VMSAS is a shortcut for --->'IMO Voluntary Member State Audit Scheme'.

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