WSSD is a shortcut for 'World Summit on Sustainable Development'.

In the maritime context, WSSD stands for "World Summit on Sustainable Development". It was a global conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002, which aimed to promote sustainable development and address global environmental issues, including those related to the oceans and maritime industry.

The WSSD resulted in the adoption of the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, which included several commitments related to the sustainable development of the oceans and the maritime industry. Here are some examples of commitments related to the maritime industry:

  1. Sustainable fisheries - The WSSD recognized the importance of sustainable fisheries for food security and livelihoods, and called for the implementation of measures to reduce overfishing, protect vulnerable marine ecosystems, and promote sustainable aquaculture practices.

  2. Marine pollution - The WSSD recognized the negative impact of marine pollution on the environment and human health, and called for the implementation of measures to prevent and reduce pollution from ships and land-based sources.

  3. Maritime transport - The WSSD recognized the importance of maritime transport for global trade and economic development, and called for the implementation of measures to improve the safety, efficiency, and environmental performance of maritime transport.

  4. Marine biodiversity - The WSSD recognized the importance of marine biodiversity for ecosystem functioning and human well-being, and called for the implementation of measures to protect and conserve marine biodiversity, including through the establishment of marine protected areas.

Since the WSSD, there have been several international initiatives and agreements aimed at promoting sustainable development in the oceans and maritime industry, such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Overall, the WSSD played an important role in raising awareness about the importance of sustainable development in the oceans and the maritime industry, and in setting the agenda for international cooperation in this area.


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